Mexican Serape Placemats

Serape Mexican blankets are as rich in their history as they are in colour. Serapes refer to the traditional striped weave that makes up the serape blanket or serape which is a gorgeous colourful fabric. They are known by different names such as sarapes, zarapes or saltillos, and they have been around for hundreds of years.

History shows us that serapes were originally worn as clothing by the poorer working people of Mexico and Guatemala. The original serapes would have been worn like a poncho or wrapped around the body much like a shawl or blanket for protection against cold and the environment. Today they are used for several things such as blankets, placemats, table runners, bedding and coasters.

  • Measures 43 x 38cms or 17″ x 15″
  • 100% acrylic.
  • Made in Mexico

$15.00 inc. GST

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Mexican Serape Placemats

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