Caring for your Mudcloth Pillows

Our Dayo Mudcloth Collection comes to you from Africa. Each piece is hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-painted and 100% authentic.
Each textile is hand-spun in Mali from organic cotton and the fabric is hand-dyed throughout multiple processes using leaves, branches, and fermented mud from the Niger River.
That means the organic fibres and dyes in your new Mudcloth Pillow need to be treated with extra care when it comes to washing.
The Do’s and Don’ts
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on the natural organic dye
  • Do not machine wash or spin dry
  • Do not soak without testing a small area for colour run first
  • Do not ring dry, if you need to please do very gently
  • Do only spot clean if needed or
  • Do dry clean if needed
  • Do use a clothes steamer 
  • Do air dry laying flat or hang dry
  • Can be ironed (if it must) on a gentle cotton setting & we          
  • DO suggest using an ironing garment protector & iron inside out
Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your Mudcloth Pillow will stay looking fresh and fab.
“Dayo” means ‘joy or happiness has arrived’ and we hope these unique pieces bring happiness to your home.
Katie + Brooke

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