Mix Patterns and Textures

The more you mix, the better. Bohemian chic style may feel a bit over the top to some, but for those who do it correctly, it can instantly transform a space that was looking blah before. Don’t be afraid to mix various patterns, textures and colours. Play around with different woods, metals, plants and furs to create a truly eclectic space that gives off those bohemian vibes.

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Be Bright, Be Bold

Bohemian style is not for the faint of heart. Colour and vibrancy must be added to your space in the form of bright pillows, wallpaper, furniture, bedding, and of course – plants! Don’t be afraid to mix bright colours that you otherwise would consider clashing. Throw out any preconceived colour rules you thought you had and be bold.

Dress Your Walls

Wallpaper, mirrors, tapestries, rugs, instruments and unique pictures and dishes are all fair game for your walls. Think outside of the box and hang items you may have otherwise pushed to the side like plates, guitars or dried flowers. Shelves are another great way to utilise vertical space and arrange all of your favourite collected items. You can also introduce hanging plants to help balance a wall space. Think of your wall as the canvas and you get to design your own work of art.

Unique Accents

Boho style is known for using unique accents to energise a space and really set it apart. Play around with different materials, colours, and textures to give your room layers of depth. Find a unique piece you love, that perhaps you came across in your travels or in an antique store. Whether it’s a stunning chair, plant or small trinket, highlight it by designing the space around it.

Be True to You

The true essence of bohemian chic style is all about taking pieces that you adore and bringing them together to make it a space of your own. We are huge proponents of only keeping pieces around that you truly love. Splurge on those items you know and love, whether you came across them on a distant travel adventure or at the local flea market, it’s the process of collecting things you love and cherish that makes a truly eclectic home.

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