5 Ways to Fill a Cushion or Pouf

If you purchase one of our floor cushions, it will come unstuffed with just the cushion cover and inner shell. They can be filled with a variety of different materials depending on what you have available and the kind of sturdiness you wish to achieve.

Here are five ways to fill your cushion:

  1. Pillows. We have found that four pillows actually fit perfectly when placed side by side in our cushions.
  2. Polystyrene filling for a light, bean-bag feeling. Try this one. We can go through 3-4 bags to fill one large floor cushion. So you don’t make a mess of this, best to fill your ottoman in a bath or large trough, as the beads to wander off. You can also use a funnel or create one by cutting a plastic drink bottle or milk carton. We prefer to shop at Spotlight in Australia.
  3. Old, unused clothestowelsbed sheets or the like can also provide a light and firm filling option which is a great way to re-use some of the old stuff lying around the house.
  4. Foam/Rubber materials for a light yet firm feel. A quick Google Search will help you find a supplier near you. You could also try carpet stores as they often can supply you with foam or rubber underlay which can easily be used for filling your pouf.
  5. Plastic bags, newspaper, your stash of cash, etc. Pretty much anything else you want to keep, but just can’t part with or you don’t want anyone else to know you still have it. Your floor cushion can be a sneaky spot for those invaluable items!


Please contact us at hello@nomadiccollections.com.au and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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