India: The Asha Line

Our Asha Collection is near and dear to our hearts. It’s our very first line and we wanted it to be filled with a mix of pieces that are vibrant, unique and from a place that we love.

Each piece is handmade by skilled weavers in rural India on pit looms. The pit loom was the earliest type of loom used in India and it is located on the ground with a pit having two peddles set in the pit for the weaver to operate. Pit loom weaving is considered to be a better form of weaving due to the proximity to the ground. The ground absorbs the tension and makes the fabric more breathable. This method also allows the weaver to create a lot of variety in texture and thickness, a key signature of the Asha line.

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In Hindi, the name Asha means “wish, desire or hope.” Our hope is that you fall in love with this collection as much as we have and each piece brings joy to your home.

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